Wise Perspective

“A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.” Proverbs 14:1 (NLT)

Ten years ago, I sat in the office of my job printing out divorce papers. I reviewed each document as well as the process described by the lawyer I had met a week ago. I was tired, frustrated, and resentful. All the perfect ingredients of a foolish wife! I didn’t know the first thing about prayer, and I didn’t consider God in any part of my situation. I was mad because, in my mind and foolish perspective, the man I had married and fallen in love with was gone. I didn’t know where, and I was no longer interested in searching for him. I was done.

I didn’t know, then, that my perspective almost caused me to tear down my own home! I was that foolish woman in the latter part of the first verse in Proverbs 14. My selfishness and stubborn attitude would have ruined my relationship with my husband completely. Looking back, however, I can see the foolishness clearly. I wanted things my way, I thought I knew best, and with my actions, I wanted my husband to be whom I thought he should be. Foolish women think they know better and see things only from their own perspective. That is exactly what I was doing, and it was a destructive behavior to my household.

But God is gracious! Even when I wasn’t yet seeking a relationship with Him. Even when I wasn’t, yet, faithful; He never stopped being faithful to me. Even in my mess, He gave me new perspective. Like the picture above, our relationships can seem to look chaotic, messy, and irreparable. But, I submit to you, that God is our Repairer and Restorer! And, we can choose to look at and focus on the messy and broken down walls of our lives – or – we can focus on God Who will change our perspective and give us wisdom to build up! Through the mess, chaos, and imperfections; focus on God to give you wise perspective. And, you will see that what you thought was the end of something was really the foundation of a new thing He is doing in you.

Prayer: Father God, thank You for Your wisdom! Thank You for being faithful even when I’m not, for loving me when I’m unlovable, and shifting my focus when it seems like chaos is all I see. Remind me that I walk by faith, not by sight. Holy Spirit, give me comfort in knowing that God is my Restorer. Teach me how to build my home and my family for the glory of God. I call it done and I thank You in advance in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Weekly Wisdom Challenge: The wise woman builds up her home, literally and spiritually! This week, think of ways to build your home and family up! If you’re married, praise your husband for something he did whether big or small. Compliment your child(ren) on a chore they performed. Finish a task in your home that you’ve been putting off. Schedule a family bible study. Give a soft answer rather than reacting harshly. You are a wise woman! Let me know how it goes!


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