Fear of Missing Out Will Get Us Out of God’s Will

“But when you were afraid of Nahash, the king of Ammon, you came to me and said that you wanted a king to reign over you, even though the Lord your God was already your king.” 1 Samuel 12:12 NLT

In our faith walk, it’s easy to have moments in which we feel like we’re missing out. Like there’s something we need or want right away. And, when the pressure of the world is on, we might feel like we need to do whatever we have to in order to get whatever it is we think we need. However, as I was reading 1 Samuel chapter 12, one morning; I realized a pattern in the Bible that still holds true today. There is danger in the fear of missing out. And, the enemy knows this, so he’ll bait us every time.

In Genesis 3:6, the enemy tricked Eve into thinking that if she ate from the tree in the middle of the garden, she would be like God. And, when she saw that the tree was pleasant & good for food, she took the bait. In 1 Samuel 12, the Israelites got the king they had asked for because their enemies (whom they feared) all had kings. They didn’t want Samuel’s sons to judge over Israel. They wanted a king like everybody else. And, in the next chapter, King Saul cracks under pressure from the people and offers a burnt offering to God before battle, rather than waiting for Samuel.

See, when we think we’re missing out and we act on it, there are serious consequences that follow. Fear of missing out causes us not to see who we already are; Eve ate the fruit thinking she’d be like God. But the Bible says God created us in His image & likeness, so she was already like Him. Fear of missing out causes us to not see what we already have; the Israelites asked for a king. But God was their King, as He is ours. Fear of missing out causes us not to be in proper position; Saul wasn’t in his because he stepped into Samuel’s position, giving a burnt offering which was not his job.

When we think that we’re missing out on something, it will get us out of God’s will every time. It causes us to take matters into our own hands instead of relying on God and trusting His will for our lives. The Bible says God withholds no good thing from the upright, so anything that is for you, will get to you. We lack in nothing and want for nothing. So, my friend, don’t worry; you won’t miss a thing!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for a new week and Your Word. Thank You for being faithful even when I’m not. I confess, there are times when I see others around me and I think I’m missing out on something. But Your Word is medicine to my flesh and Your promises are true. I declare that I trust Your will for my life. I trust the process and Your plan for my life. I declare that I am already the person you’ve called me to be, I have what You say I can have, and I am in the place where You have called me to be. There is nothing missing or lacking in my life because I have You, Lord. So, I thank You in advance for all You are doing in, through, and for me. I give You all glory, honor, and praise in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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