Grace for the Follow Through.

“My grace is enough; it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness….” 2 Corinthians 12:9a MSG

It’s a new year! And, typically, most of us start the new year strong. Motivated to create change, determined to execute resolutions, and expecting this year to be different than last. Nothing wrong with that. I set goals just like, mostly, everybody else. And, expectation is the breeding ground for miracles, right? So, what can possible go wrong in this new year when we have made the resolve for something better than what we’ve lived in the past? Life. Life happens.

This isn’t to put you down from doing those amazing resolutions and accomplishing those huge goals. This, my friend, is what I like to call a “new year advisory”! You see resolutions, ultimately, are decisions; and decisions require follow through. Goals, likewise, require action steps. Otherwise, all you did was make a decision & establish an end-result without a pathway. See, if you’re going to accomplish anything, you need a plan. The Bible says we should commit our plans to God and He will establish our path. If it is His will and in His Word, He’ll make the way! So, I don’t do anything without depending on His grace.

And, here’s why – on your path, right smack in the middle of your plans, maybe 2 or 3 months into the year; life is going to hit! You’ll get hit with roadblocks, detours, uneven streets (you know, trials & tribulations). The same thorn that Paul had in his side. So, how will you continue to follow through when life comes at you, this year? GRACE! If we stay focused on God, if we stay on His trail, He will give us His strength. And, He said His grace would be sufficient. He said it would be all we need! He said His power is perfected in our weakness! So, beloved, when the sparklers go out, the new year excitements die down, remember His grace will help you follow through on what you’ve committed to do!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for a new day and this new year! Thank You because I made it, when so many didn’t. Thank You for giving me a new chance to start again, start fresh, a clean slate! Hallelujah! I don’t take this for granted. Right now, I commit the plans that I made to You. I want You to be involved in every area of my life and every goal I’ve set for it. I trust that You will establish my path and direct my steps even when I don’t think things are turning out the way I want. Holy Spirit, give me wisdom to continue the path my Father has set. Help me to maintain peace that surpasses understanding and trust that God’s ways are better than mine – all throughout this new year. Father, thank You for Your grace that will carry me through the entire year and Your power that will strengthen me. And, I will give You all glory, honor, and praise in Jesus’ name.


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