A Matter of Perspective

“Take good counsel and accept correction – that’s the way to live wisely and well. We humans keep brainstorming options and plans but God’s purpose prevails.” Proverbs 19:20-21 MSG

A few weeks back, I saw the picture above on somebody’s social media page. At first glance, it seems one hundred percent true. And, the fact that it has a scripture reference below would make it seem even more convincing. So, it would make sense for the picture to be shared, liked, and get a few amen’s right? But something about this image troubled me. It didn’t sit well with my spirit and, at first, I couldn’t understand why I didn’t get it. However, as I kept examining the graphic, Holy Spirit made it clear – it was my perspective.

It bothered me because my perspective made me think that it was God’s plan for my life that I struggle, go through hoops and hurdles, go through storms & fire pits. Like, when God sat down to write my life (before I was born), He said, “You know what Giselle needs? A huge pile of rocks between her and her victory.” As if God’s plan for me should be complicated, frustrating and chaotic – this is what the image depicted to me. But this thought lead me to what the Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 that God knows the plans He has for me, and they’re “plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

Here’s the thing. I’m not saying this image is wrong or that God’s plan is a smooth, clear road with no trials. The Word says trials will come. All I’m saying is that our lives (like the understanding of this picture) is about perspective. In life, we will have struggles, obstacles, trials, and turbulence! I just don’t think it’s God’s plan for our lives. James 1:2-4 is saying is that when (not if) those troubles and tests come, we need to count it all joy because God is making a demand on what He has placed inside us to overcome every struggle in life – even though He didn’t plan the struggles, He knew we would struggle so He planned for that, too. So, if God didn’t plan them, how do these struggles come?

Some of our struggles are sovereign tests for which He has already provided an answer – we just need to seek Him and trust Him! Some are attacks from the enemy because he’s a hater and his mission is to kill, steal, and destroy – again God’s got that! But, if we’re honest, many of our struggles are self-imposed! Birthed from our own disobedience to God. (Got my hand raised, too). Still, we serve a God who gives us His grace and mercy, and provides a way of escape regardless! Why? Because He loves us & planned our lives! So, my friend, while there may be some truth to the picture above, know that God’s plan is always for your good and regardless of the struggles, it’s all about perspective!

Prayer: Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You for Your divine plan for my life. Thank You for Your Word that says the plan You’ve written out is for good, to give me a hope and a future. It is not for disaster ever! Lord, thank You for being the Writer of my life, the Manager of my Mind, the Regulator of my Heart, the only Author and Finisher of my faith. You know every struggle and trial I would go through, and I trust that You have already set a way of escape. Holy Spirit, reveal to me every pre-written way of escape that God has provided. I declare I walk in God’s will and purpose for my life. Direct my steps, Lord and establish my path. And, I will acknowledge You in all my ways. I love You, Father. I give You all glory, honor and praise in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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