Sheltered and Surrounded

Photo by Adrian Trinkaus on Unsplash

“But let all who take refuge in You rejoice! Let them always shout for joy! You will shelter them and they exult – those who love Your Name. For You bless the righteous, ADONAI. You surround him with favor as a shield,” Psalm 5:12-13 TLV

Last week, I wrote about our trip and the significance of living life fully and creating experiences before it disappears. For me, it was so important for my kids to enjoy each day we were away without worry or doubt. One of my most important jobs, as a mom, is to ensure my kids are shielded from the troubles that come my way because they’re not just trying to get me in a fret. I recognize those troubles are coming for my kids as well. The enemy isn’t always after you, even though he’s attacking you. He wants everything tied to you, and especially your seed!

Friday’s unfortunate circumstance almost ruined everything for us. I had planned on leaving right after the kids’ last Zoom and getting back home Sunday late afternoon. We arrived at the hotel safely around 3:30pm, drove to my dad’s house at 6:00pm, went to get food, and drove back to his house to eat. Afterwards, my brother followed me back to the hotel in his car so he could hang out with the kids. The whole 20-minute drive, I kept smelling burnt oil. Thinking it was my brother’s car, I made a mental note to say something. When we got to the hotel, my brother broke the news to me, “You’re leaking oil!”

Say what now?! Okay, it’s one thing to have car issues when you’re home but when you’re away? My mom came over and we planned on taking the car to a mechanic she knew on Saturday morning. Now, you already know, I wanted to worry and be upset. I felt fear coming on with regard to the repair costs, scaling back on the attractions for the kids, getting the car fixed in time. For a second, I thought, maybe I just won’t take them anywhere and we’ll hang out with my parents and brother. But that wasn’t the point of this trip! So, that night, I decided not to think about it or allow worry to enslave me. All I could let out was, “God, You know my finances and everything that is going on. You got this.”

The next morning, I barely made it to the mechanic. The motor oil was completely depleted and I promise my angels got me to the shop! The engine started clicking, all I could do was drive slowly and pray. The mechanic took the car and said he’d call me. Meanwhile, I had made a very important choice. This was NOT going to overtake me! I declared favor, low repair costs, and a timely repair. For my sake and my kids, I just couldn’t give in to worry. Then, he called. An engine part that sustained the oil had rotted. It had to be replaced but not until Monday because the dealership was closed. Here we go, plans changed and we were staying an extra day. Still unsure of the cost, I didn’t freak out but opted for opening my mouth and standing on His promises!

At some point, we have to get tired of laying down and just taking whatever comes at us! Right? There has to be an alternative and that’s where I was. I thanked God for getting us up north safely, for the hotel, for family and shelter for the extra night. I got peace to proceed with what I had planned. I wasn’t going to allow this thing to get me down because I knew it would bring my kids down too! So, let me tell you what God did! Late Monday morning, the mechanic called me, between the part, labor and motor oil, I was looking at $700. But he had a friend who owned a machine shop and he asked his friend to open his shop (which was closed for the holiday) and replace the rotted area of the car part. So, instead of $700, I paid $370! Favor!

But there’s more! We got back home late Monday night (no complaints here). My kids enjoyed the weekend without feeling the brunt of our little issue. A couple of days later, I called the dealership and spoke with the owner. I mistakenly thought that when we bought the car last year, I had a year-long warranty so I was hoping to get something back! But when we spoke, I realized it was only for a month! I apologized profusely because I had genuinely made a mistake. And, guess what? The owner decided either way to help me and credit $150 for the part! (Shout favor!) Beloved, when the attack comes, rejoice! Make the HARD choice to press and declare over your circumstance because His word says you (we) are sheltered and surrounded with favor!


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